“This new concept is a breakthrough in the rehabilitation equipment arena. It represents a completely different approach to the treatment of Cerebral Palsy children”
Dr. Dror Ovadia
Director of the Pediatric Orthopedic Department
Sourasky Medical Center (Ichilov) – Tel-Aviv
ReSymmetry Advisory Board Member
Efrat Shenhod-Malihi
Founder & CEO
Efrat, Founder and CEO of ReSymmetry, is a licensed Occupational Therapist specializing in adapting seating solutions, mobility and assistive technology for disabled children and adults.
Dr. Iris Shichor
& Scientific Advisor
Biotechnology researcher and expert evaluator of the commercial feasibility of technologies. CEO of a medical startup, and former Research Fellow at the Harvard – MIT Division of Health Sciences and Technology.
Daniel Shahaf
& R&D Advisor
Successful inventor, developer and entrepreneur with vast experience in managing product development and consulting on a broad range of industrial projects.


Dr. Dror Ovadia
Director of the Pediatric Orthopedics Department, Sourasky Medical Center, Tel Aviv

Specialist in orthopedic surgery. Focuses primarily on pediatric orthopedics and on spinal disease and distortions in children and adolescents.
Dr. Amichai Brezner
Director of the Pediatric Rehabilitation Department, Edmond & Lily Safra Children’s Hospital, Sheba Medical Center

An internationally recognized expert in Pediatric Rehabilitation. Dr. Brezner has published widely in renowned professional journals, and is currently involved in clinical trials in cooperation with the U.S. National Institutes of Health and the Israeli Ministry of Health, testing new methods for rehabilitation of multi-handicapped children.
Prof. Prof. Eliezer Carmeli
Physical Therapy Department Chair, University of Haifa

Member of the Secondary and Tertiary Prevention of Disability and Handicap, The National Council for Rehabilitation, Israeli Ministry of Health. Review Board Member of Child and Human Development – The Scientific World Journal. Board Member of The International Journal of Therapy and Rehabilitation, and of others.
Izak Orbach
Industrial Design & Product Development Expert

Izak has one of the largest product development portfolios in Israel and is recognized as an industry leader in Industrial Design and Product Development by the Israeli Ministry of Industry, Trade and Labor. He is authorized to serve as a consultant on the Ministry’s behalf in his fields of expertise. During his 32-year career, he has completed more than 1,800 projects in the international marketplace. His projects are regularly mentioned in professional publications and magazines, as well as in professional trade conferences (20-30 per year). Izak founded ZOG360 in 1988, and has been its sole proprietor since 1996, serving as both Chairman and CEO ( Since 1996, his focus has been on hi-tech product design and on research and development of medical devices.
Omer Einav
Rehabilitation Robotics Expert

During his 30-year career, Omer Einav has accumulated broad expertise and experience in the innovative development & production of rehabilitation robotic solutions. A mechanical engineer with a Master’s degree in robotics and an educational background in business and finance as well, he currently serves as the CEO of Polygon Technologies Ltd. ( Previously, he served as the General Manager of Robomatix (developer of robotics for Fortune 500 companies), Motorika Medical (a medical robotics company, which he also founded), and Netcom System (IT integrator serving military, cable and ISP clients). Additionally, he headed the Robcab division of Technomatrix (software developer for computer-aided production engineering), and filled the role of Managing Director of the Hobart Group (a holding company for medical devices companies).


Persons who sit in wheelchairs for extended periods of time in the same position,  unable to change their posture, are at high risk of a wide variety of secondary medical conditions that are not directly associated with the cause of their disability.  These medical conditions worsen over time and require medical treatment; in some cases lengthy hospitalization, and even costly surgery.


  • Hip dislocation
  • Scoliosis
  • Osteoporosis


  • Blood flow
  • Blood clots


  • Spasticity
  • Reduced range
    of motion


  • Reduced function of the respiratory system 


  • Pressure sores


Healy is a pioneering proprietary technology, developed to introduce controlled, gentle movement of wheelchair elements, to meet the urgent need of wheelchair users. The individually tailored movement programs will improve blood circulation, greatly reduce the risk of secondary medical conditions, enhance wellbeing and improve the quality of life.

ReSymmetry intends to develop a variety of models, to provide specific smart robotic wheelchair solutions for all age groups – from children, through youths and adults to seniors – and for all types of disabilities that result in the need for wheelchairs, and in motionless sitting. 
Healy product - design
Healy product
Body function icon

Body function

The introduction of movement to avoid passive sitting improves the function of the user’s muscular, skeletal, cardiovascular, respiratory, digestive and urinary systems, thus reducing the risk of secondary medical complications
activity icon


The robotic wheelchair activates the user’s muscular system, similarly to physical therapy
participation icon


Sitting motionless for long hours will no longer result in severe physical discomfort and stress, allowing persons to participate more fully in life. 
By reducing the risk of secondary medical complications, and the resultant need for medical care, hospitalization and surgery, the pressure on the healthcare system will also be reduced. This will allow diverting often scarce resources (financial, manpower) to meet other important needs, for the benefit of the entire population.

Contact us

Address:  ReSymmetry c/o WeWork Hazerem 
7 Hapelech St., Tel Aviv 6816727, Israel


Healy is a revolutionary smart robotic wheelchair based on innovative technology,
that drastically reduces the risk of secondary medical conditions and discomfort
resulting from prolonged motionless sitting,
thus supporting the health and enhancing the wellbeing of wheelchair users,
and allowing them to participate more fully in their lives.


ReSymmetry was established by Founder and CEO Efrat Shenhod-Malihi in 2016 to meet the urgent need of wheelchair users, who spend extended periods of time sitting motionless, and are consequently at high risk of various secondary medical conditions and emotional stress, which diminish their quality of life.

As an Occupational Therapist specializing in adapting rehabilitation equipment and seating systems for children and adults with various disabilities, Efrat has first-hand, in-depth understanding of the needs of wheelchair users. Based on her clinical experience spanning 25 years, she has initiated the development of Healy as a solution that helps wheelchair users to avoid the harmful effects of motionless sitting, and improves their wellbeing.

Efrat is supported by a professional advisory board that includes specialist physicians – the Head of a Pediatric Orthopedics Department and the Head of a Pediatric Rehabilitation Department of two large hospitals, as well as a Professor of Physical Therapy. Additional key members include experts in the field of robotics, specializing specifically in the design and development of rehabilitation robotic solutions.

In recognition of the important contribution of its innovative smart robotic wheelchair, ReSymmetry was awarded first prize at the prestigious Merage 45+ Entrepreneurs Competition in 2016.

In 2017, ReSymmetry was chosen as a winner in the WeWork Creator Awards competition in Tel Aviv in the Launch category, in recognition of its innovative solution and the great progress it has made in the last year. 



Zoharit Zidkalov Mother of 5-year old Avishag

Thanks to Healy

“My daughter tried the Healy prototype, and thanks to the changing postures, she managed to hold her head, and even made an effort to engage in activities. Moving her legs also became easier! This wheelchair is truly an automatic physiotherapy chair. This is the solution we have been waiting for, for so long!”
Zoharit Zidkalov
Mother of 5-year old Avishag
Ron Mayron
Chairman of the Board
Former CEO of Teva Pharmaceuticals Israel, the leading pharmaceuticals & healthcare solutions company in Israel, and former Vice President of several Teva subsidiaries. Presently serving as the Chairman of the Board of 3 companies and Director of an additional 2 companies – all active in the medical field.
Adv. Ariel Frank
Legal Advisor
Commercial, corporate and M&A partner in one of Israel's leading law firms, with an extensive experience of close to 20 years in the hi-tech field, working with companies at all stages, from startups to mature companies and public companies traded on NASDAQ and the LSE.
Nir Malihi
A Certified Public Accountant who specializes in financing and marketing. Highly experienced in the financial management of Israeli companies operating locally and internationally, whose individual annual turnover is in the range of $125 million.


2017       WeWork Creator Awards TLV
                ReSymmetry was chosen as a winner in the regional competition held in Tel Aviv in the Launch category,
                qualifying it to participate in the global competition in February 2018
2016       First prize at the Merage Institute 45+ Entrepreneurs Competition, California
Astonishingly, the wheelchair, which was invented in the 1930s, has remained  essentially unchanged.

Dr. Amichai Brezner


"The robotic wheelchair’s movements reduce the pressure caused by motionless sitting. It therefore has the ​potential to prevent deterioration in the wheelchair users’ health, while also extending the length of time they will feel comfortable to engage in activities."
Dr. Amichai Brezner
Director of the Pediatric Rehabilitation Department
Edmond & Lily Safra Children’s Hospital
Sheba Medical Center
ReSymmetry Advisory Board Member
Prof. Eliezer Carmeli


“ReSymmetry’s Healy is a revolutionary technology that improves the lives of wheelchair users of all ages by increasing their comfort, reducing their risk of additional medical problems resulting from prolonged sitting without movement, and enhancing their overall wellbeing”
Prof. Eliezer Carmeli
Physical Therapy Department Chair
University of Haifa
ReSymmetry Advisory Board Member